Cutting Season

Hello, lovelies.

A few weeks ago I brought up the idea of starting a cut after spending most of the winter bulking, AKA stress eating ice cream like it was my job.

Kyle’s commissioning and our vacation will be here soon (even though it does NOT feel like it now), so I knew I didn’t have a lot of time. I started reseraching different plans and eventually found Craig Capurso’s 30-Days-Out program. What intrigued me most about this plan is that it doesn’t involve insane amounts of LISS cardio, which is hard on my still-healing knee. I know cardio is important in fat loss, but it’s never been the center point of my training and I’m not in a hurry to change that. Besides its counterproductivity in getting my knee back to full strength, cardio bores me to tears and a plan that requires me to pound out 60 minutes on the treadmill each day isn’t one I’m likely to stick to.

30-Days-Out is- you guessed it- a 30-day program meant to help users shed body fat in a hurry. The nutrition side of things is customized to your age, weight, sex, and activity level and includes a 100-calorie cut each successive week. Training involves 30-45 minutes of weight lifting, tabata and/or HIIT, and 25 minutes of LISS six days a week. The workouts combine different lifting techniques, including some I wasn’t familiar with. The biggest change I’m struggling to adapt to is heavy volume training. One exercise of each workout is performed 10×3, meaning you have to use a weight that you fail at after just three reps and repeat the set 10 times. Did I mention the rest periods are only 30-seconds long? This may not sound that difficult, but believe me, if you’re lifting heavy enough, you’ll definitely be feeling it. (At the time and for days after)

I’m currently on day five and so far, so good. I did some serious meal prepping before I started and that’s helped keep me on track. I think that’s where most people fall off the wagon. Making a habit of going to the gym (or doing whatever it is that gets you moving) can be tricky, but the real challenge is committing to a clean diet. I’m not going to lie, it can be time consuming, but the results- both how you look and how you feel- are so worth it. Bulking was fun. I ate fairly clean, but I also ate a lot and wasn’t too worried about tracking my macros as long as I was hitting my protein goals. However, by the end I was feeling bloated and sluggish all the time. Cutting means every calorie I put into my body has to count. On this program, I’m eating six times a day and have yet to feel hungry or deprived.

I’m still taking my BCAAs daily and using pre-workout on leg and back days. The only other supplement I’ve added is a non-stimulant fat burner, Lean Mode, by Evolution Nutrition. I take this once a day 30-minutes before breakfast. I haven’t used a fat burner before, but this prodcut got really good reivews and I’m hoping this helps with my problem areas, i.e. anything below my waist.

I’ll try to keep you updated as things progress and will maybe post comparison pictures at the end. If you’ve got any cutting tips or tricks or a particular program that’s worked well for you, I’d love to hear it!


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